1. Let’s Play My Boyfriend DS - The Summer of My Life! Part 1



    Hello there cheaterites! Some of you will know me as quenenem from the streams, and Em of emletsplays. As of today, I will be joining N_1 on the CHEATERATED TEAM, and doing screenshot let’s plays on here instead! I hope you find my ramblings entertaining. So, without any further ado…

    Now, a while ago I did an LP of a DS game called My Boyfriend DS. The original LP can be seen here. This game…honestly, I can’t describe it. You just have to see it. In short: You are a teen girl, there is a teen boy, and you must seduce him through the use of minigames.

    And then today, I found the sequel. Somehow, it looks even worse than it’s predecessor. 

    This is My Boyfriend DS - The Summer of My Life!


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    A reminder that my Let’s Plays have moved to Cheaterated, and we’re starting with the My Boyfriend DS sequel! Don’t miss it!


  2. Introducing a New Member of Cheaterated…



    It’s multicoloured because this is a celebration!

    I’m very, very excited about this - Cheaterated is getting a new contributor! Many of you already know her and her work, but from this day forth Em (who most of you know as Quenenem) will be posting for Cheaterated, giving you more fantastic gaming hilarity on your dash! Here’s some more info on her:

    Em is a british nerd who likes to play awful games, screenshotting and blogging them so you can have the fun without having to play the blasted things. A lot of you have read her My Boyfriend DS and Bratz Super Babyz Let’s Plays over on emletsplays, which has been a Cheaterated Affiliate for a while now. Now she joins Cheaterated, and we are both lucky and ecstatic to welcome her on-board!

    This is new ground for Cheaterated, but it’s going to be incredible.

    I hope all you Cheaterites will give her a huge welcome!

    (and if you haven’t read the My Boyfriend DS LP, you seriously need to)

    Love you all


    Everyone who follows me on this blog - I’m moving! Cheaterated is an amazing little (but growing) gaming community and I’m honoured to be a part of it!

    This blog is going to be an archive for the LPs I’ve done so far, but little more. If you would like to continue reading my Let’s Plays, I would recommend following Cheaterated. I promise you won’t regret it.


  3. Pause

    I am recently suffering pretty bad computer issues and exams are coming up, so it seems that it might be a while until I have time to let’s play again!

    Expect me back in August at the soonest, and at the very worst, in December.


  4. Let’s Play Bratz - Super Babyz for the Nintendo DS - Part 7

    Parts:  12, 34, 5, 6

    Sorry for the wait between parts - I’m busy with exams coming up and playing better games than this.

    Anyway, where were we? 

    Ah yes, this child was being held back by a bully, looks like:

    Look at those tree-trunk legs. No wonder the poor guy is a bully. I would be too, with those proportions.

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  5. Let’s Play Bratz - Super Babyz for the Nintendo DS - Part 6

    Parts:  12, 3, 4, 5

    Sorry for the delay everyone! That goddamn sliding puzzle (and my goddamn laziness).

    To recap: We want tickets from our superhero idols so we can purchase a gun from the giftshop. Bratz Babyz is the most fucking metal thing ever.

    So I actually outsourced my Bratz Babyz puzzles to the great N_1 of Cheaterated, who did not actually solve the puzzle, but messed with it long enough that this appeared:


    Yeah. The game gets so sick of it’s own puzzle that it gives poor souls a pity button. So what is the solution?

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  6. revolutionning:

    it’s 01:12 am on 09 April 2013, and me and N_1 (mainly him) just completed Bratz Babyz.

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  7. revolutionning:

    Update on the Bratz Babyz situation: I am still stuck on Bratz Babyz DS. Goddamn sliding puzzle. 

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  8. Let’s Play Bratz - Super Babyz for the Nintendo DS - Part 5

    Parts: 12, 3, 4



    …Wait. Super…Buds? That…is not what I called them in my movie liveblog. Oh well.

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  9. Let’s Watch - Bratz Super Babyz The Movie - PART 1

    Yes, you did read that title right. 

    In 2007, someone thought the Bratz Babyz franchise had deserved it’s second movie, Bratz Super Babyz. Since I’m currently Let’s Playing the game, I thought I should check this out.

    Let’s begin.


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  10. How does a stream of the Bratz Babyz movie sound?

    Just trying to gauge interest. Like this post if this sounds like a thing you would like to see.