1. Let’s Play My Boyfriend for the Nintendo DS - Part 8

    Parts: 123456, 7


    Dream Guy: You were spot on! It was a fantastic evening, but…

    Me: Maybe I’m imagining this, but is there something on your mind?!

    Dream Guy: You notice everything, don’t you? That’s what you call feminine intuition. It’s true.

    Me: Well, tell me.



    Aw, dangit. Was I the only one expecting a loud declaration of love? 

    Me: Hmm…I’d rather forget about the party…

    Dream Guy: Oh yes…sorry…I didn’t mean to…

    Me: It’s ok…but did you say things got a little out of control?

    Yes, Dream Guy danced on the table while our ex-friend snorted vodka shots and spelled out her name in Dorito dips on the wall.

    Dream Guy: You can say that again. A few people I didn’t know turned up and they gatecrashed…yeah and then they went a bit crazy!

    Me: Sh…sugar! Were the things valuable?

    Whoa there, was that an almost swear in My Boyfriend DS? This just gets edgier every 5 seconds.

    Dream Guy: Not really but..they weren’t exactly cheap…

    Me: Hmm…I see…Well you know what? I’ll help you! Oh yes! Tomorrow morning I’ll sort out exactly what needs to be done!

    Dream Guy: You… would you do that? I must say, you are an incredible person! Thanks so much.




    So, back home and with another ??? text:



    Also it’s apparently the next morning, so let’s go to his house and help out. (Also here I noticed I actually have the map of this game memorised. Somebody help me.)

    On the way there, we see my favourite character, passer-by, who tells us about a thrilling job at the library:


    Me: Hi! Can you tell me anything about student jobs?

    Passer-By: I work in the library after school and help keep the shelves in order.

    I decide to accept this job, so a quick trip to the library is in order, in which we play this minigame to simulate our job:


    So basically, you get a book title on the top screen for 3 seconds like so:


    Then you have to put it in the right place alphabetically on this shelf:


    Fun, right?

    I should probably note that you only sort about 7 books over and over, so by the end you can pretty much do it with your eyes closed.

    The game won’t let us go see our Guy until I’ve played all the possible job minigames, so:




    Once we’re done with the minigames, we get this text:


    Oh-kaay, let’s go tell him exactly that.



    Dream Guy: Oh yes? Well it looks like you found me.

    Me: You joker…

    …Yes, that sly joking dog, look at that quick-witted humour.

    Me: I just wanted to tell you that I have managed to get a little money together for you. You could use it to pay for some of the repairs!

    Dream Guy: You really did that for me!? Wow! You’re just amazing!

    Me: I enjoyed doing it…for you.

    Dream Guy: I had no idea…how can I ever repay you for this?


    Me: The main thing you can do now is get some of the repairs done.

    Dream Guy: I’ll go and see the cabinet maker immediately. I’ll see you soon. So long!

    Then we immediately get a text from him:


    That was fast. So let’s go meet him there:


    I don’t know why they say ‘school library’ when they mean school grounds, but ok. Let’s talk to him, and this new mysterious woman.

    Me: Hello! Here I am.

    Dream Guy: Oh, hi! It’s nice of you to come! Can I introduce Madeleine, my French friend.

    Madeleine: Salut! Comment ça va?

    Me: …Well, thanks. Er…ça va …bien…? …Et toi?

     Madeleine: Aah…bien, Merci! Tu parles Francais? C’est fantastique!

    Me: Uh…a little…un peu…

    So..yeah. French in My Boyfriend DS. I don’t do French and haven’t for many years, so I can’t really comment on the accuracy of it.

    Anyway, we have to do a favour for our French friend:

    Dream Guy: I have a favour to ask you. Could you help Madeleine with the paper she has to write?

    Madeleine: You really helped me out big time! I would like to learn more about what young people in your country do in their spare time.



    First of all, I went with ‘no french’.

    Me: I don’t think it would work. I don’t speak very good French. And anyway…

    Madeleine: No no, I can communicate in English. I mean, pas de probleme….No problem! Of course I can’t force you to do anything.

    Then we get this text:


    Well excuse you game.

    Ok, so what if we picked ‘help’?

    Me: Ahh..why not?  I would be glad to help if I can!

    Dream Guy: Thank you! I owe you one. Madeleine wanted to wait for you at the cafe. See you then!

    Another text:


    I guess we should! But we’ll wander in blindly anyway. To the cafe.


    My favourite thing about this screencap is passer-by there, just waiting to say something about teen happenings. Your time will come, passer-by.


    Madeleine: Salut! It’s so nice of you to come. I already ordered lattes and croissants for us.

    Me: They will help us do the work! I don’t exactly know how I can help you, but I’ll try my best!

    Madeleine: Ahh…ma jolie amie! We’ll oh…how do you say it…’muddle through’, is that right?

    Me: I hope so. You said you were writing an essay? Have you got any specific questions about my country?


    Uuuuh. For complete random choice, I went with ‘uncomfortable questions’.

    Me: Man is the cause of enviromental pollution, so we should also do something about it! And social injustice must be tackled everywhere!

    Madeleine: Ooh la la! These are impressive words from someone your age! I hope you also make some efforts in that direction yourself! What do you do, for example?

    So, My Boyfriend DS is getting political, it appears. Next options:


    Me: Well…we…We go out onto the streets and we talk to people. And if they don’t listen we force them to listen by screaming and shouting at them! Then they get the message, I hope.

    So I’d like to mention that while writing this up I was listening to the Les Mis soundtrack, and I felt so much REVOLUTION from that statement I had to stop for a little while to get my sense back before I built a barrier on the streets of Yorkshire.

    Madeleine: Incroyable…unbelievable! And what do you think it does? Don’t you just frighten people rather than interest them in the issue? 

    Then we’re booted out of the conversation, so let’s try and choose another option. ‘Info days’:

    Me: A few of my friends organise regular action days, where we distribute leaflets and often there are speeches. We also pick up litter around the streets.

    Madeleine: Fantastique! That’s what I call commitment. And who organises these actions? How do you get the message across to people?


    I went with ‘distribution of tasks’ because it sounds impressive? I don’t know. I didn’t expect to be interviewed on my green activities in My Boyfriend DS.

    Me: We usually make posters and flyers. Some of our members then organise the distribution, others talk to people or make passers-by aware of the event.

    Madeleine: Bon! I think I now have a pretty good impression of what’s going on. Merci, you have helped me enormously! 

    Then, another text:

    I really wish they’d stop calling him ‘fairytale prince’. I mean…


    But before we go to talk to our Prince Charming, Madeleine has something else to say.

    Me: I enjoyed helping you. It was my pleasure…

    Madeleine: There’s something…going on…between you two, non?

    Me: I think the French girl has real intuition about this thing…

    I’m not sure who that statement was for, but okay.

    Madeleine: Alors…l’amour, n’est pas? I think you really suit each other. He has often spoken about you, cherie.

     Me: …really? …well, thanks! And good luck with your paper! Au revoir!

    Madeleine: Au revoir! And…Bonne chance!

    Alright, now that that little sideplot is over, let’s go meet our ~prince~ again….NEXT TIME.


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