1. Let’s play My Boyfriend for the Nintendo DS - Part 10 (FINAL)

    Parts: 12345678, 9

    Ok, so the new day dawns and it is time for the eco revolution to begin…


    …after we’ve gotten a nice outfit, of course.

    The usual routine of pooping the the dog and shopping later, we end up with this revolutionary outfit:


    We’re ready



    Let’s talk to our Dream Guy.

    Me: Hi! I’m ready, can we get going?!

    Dream Guy: Fine in principle, but you still need a suitable outfit! 

    Oh goddammit, this again. The game gives no hints as to what this suitable outfit is, so I once more cycle through every combination and come see if he approves. As you can guess, it took a while.

    Eventually, this outfit was the approved one:

    Well, I guess it IS a green protest. Okay, so let’s head back to the mall and see if we have his approval this time.

    Dream Guy: Understood! The event has been planned to perfection! Everyone knows what you have to do? Then get to your positions and GO!!

    WOW what is this rebellious plan? I can’t wait to see. Let’s tap the atom above Dream Guy’s head.

    Alright, time for some HOT FLYER ACTION.

    Reread that ten times, and you have this minigame. Not very exciting, but quickly over, I suppose.

    Huzzah! The people will be with us in no time. We get a text:

    Oh no! We cannot leave him in agony, indeed! Let’s go see what he wants.

    Me: We did it! Just look at the people; it looks like everyone has taken something away with them today!

    Dream Guy: It was really great to have you working for the cause! The event was a total success!

    Me: I am so happy for us all! I’m totally zoinked now!

    Dream Guy: I can understand that; no wonder after your marvelous efforts! I would like to say something to you, if you’re not too tired…

    OK, HERE IT COMES AGAIN. I’M SO READY. We receive a supportive text from the bestie:

    LET’S DO IT.

    Me: You…wanted to say something to me?

    Dream Guy: Yes…I…must tell you…to me you are simply the best!

    ..Laaaame. Anyway, we have some options:

    We’ll ‘celebrate’, I think.

    Me: I could jump in the air for joy! I really could. We make a fabulous team, don’t we?

    Dream Guy: Yep! The day was a total success! And now? Have you got anything planned for today?


    I went for the saucy sounding option of ‘You and me’.

    Me: Well, I thought we could spend the rest of the day together…go for an ice-cream or a lemonade, something like that?

    Dream Guy: I had thought about doing something like that…But let me ask you something first…Did you imagine we would get together?

    The options here are yes and no, but out of curiosity I first said no. (I saved, don’t worry, I can see you clutching your face in despair)

    Me: Hmmm…I’d rather not. I like you but we should remain just friends, okay?

    Dream Guy: No? …and…I thought..that you…Please won’t you reconsider?

    Oh dear, the puppy eyes can be felt from miles away. Let’s say yes.

    Me: I have wanted to confess it to you for ages…since I first saw you! I fell desperately in love with you! You are my true fairytale prince!

    ~CREEPY~. Back out now, dude, you have a chance.

    Dream Guy: Ah, so that was what you couldn’t say to me in the schoolyard…I am so thrilled and I just want to tell you you are the sweetest girl in the world! 


    A text from the bestie:

    But our boy wants to talk more.

    Dream Guy: For me, you are the sweetest girl in the whole world!

    Buddy, you already used that one. But we’re too high to notice:

    Me: I’m deliriously happy!

    And then…

    He is ours. The game is over, and we return to the main menu.

    Final thoughts?

    Well. This was truely a romance to end all romances, wasn’t it? An ecologically aware romance, even. Step aside, Romeo and Juliet.

    Okay, but in all honesty? This game is bad. I hope you’ve realised that. But when I say bad, I mean only barely in the so-bad-its-good way. I cut the bulk of it out for you guys, but a good chunk of each game day is spent going to 4 spots and watching a meter fill up slowly, then going and playing the dog poop minigame so you can buy clothes so you can match them so  you can get into places.

    The dialogue as you have seen has a certain ‘wow you didn’t give a shit’ vibe to it, which is kind of charming, and I will admit to many bewildered chuckles at the SUDDEN ECO REVOLUTION.

    Overall, well, I only have three more screencaps to show you guys.

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